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Happy New Year!

It has been quite a spectacular year. The Patchwork Jazz Orchestra has begun hosting an exciting series of nights in collaboration with some other amazing bands, DJs and colourful venues. The fantastic singer-songwriter and close friend Nessi Gomes has released her debut album “Diamonds and Demons” and, along with several other musicians we have formed a band and began touring, with lots of dates upcoming gigs in the UK and all around Europe. Zirobop has continued to perform all over Italy at all sorts of interesting venues. And my new band has played some of my favourite gigs ever, including the most fun few days in Switzerland over the summer.

In the last three months and along with 13 close friends and musicians in London, Cardiff and Tel-Aviv, I have finished recording my second album and am very excited to release it on Edition Records this May! Over this coming month the album will be mixed and mastered, after which it will be finished. Watch this space, as some singles and promo videos will be released soon after… Those of you who use Spotify lots may know that once I hit the magic number of 250 followers I can be verified and start uploading playlists and lots of other wonderful things that I’m sure you’re all gagging for right now. So just click HERE and hit “follow” and you might possibly make my year…

Much love and have a fantastic start to 2017!


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