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Songs for the Earth

Songs for the Earth is a fusion of folk, jazz and classical music, inspired by our need to connect with nature and the outdoors. This performance will take you on a journey, linking the spirit of folk music to nature, the seasons, and the ways we connect with the outdoors through walking, gardening, observing and just being. This will be a relaxed performance, suitable for all ages, and the programme will include arrangements of nature-inspired music from Celtic, Nordic, North & South American, Eastern European and Middle-Eastern traditions – some will be traditional folk songs from hundreds of years ago, others will be more recent songs by songwriters of today. Some of this music you will know, some maybe not.


This programme is curated, directed and arranged by Misha and violinist Bridget O’Donnell, originally from Sydney, who is part of London’s dynamic free-lance classical scene and plays regularly in chamber and contemporary groups as well as with London's top orchestras. Both have worked together on a release for October House Records, and more recently with Sinfonia Cymru introducing this very programme for the first time ever, where they shared some of their arrangements and recordings of this music on Cerys Matthews’ show on BBC 6 Music.

Songs for the Earth (EFG London Jazz Festival 2022)

Songs for the Earth (EFG London Jazz Festival 2022)

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