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MMA Group upcoming & “Songs for the Earth”

MMA Group

I’m very happy to have four more band outings before the year is up. Twice in London and then twice in the fatherland on our December mini-tour. First up is Chelsea’s 606 Club on Monday 24th October. Next the EFG London Jazz Festival is happening once again and my band is playing at the Take Five stage hosted by Serious at the Purcell Room on Saturday 19th November at 3 pm, along with fellow Take Fivers Marcus Joseph, Charlotte Keefe, Doom Cannon, Nishla Smith and Midori Jaeger. And finally… Jazz Club Ferrara hosted by 7 Virtual Jazz Club (16th) and Auditorium Mons. G. Di Donna in Andria, Puglia (17th) in our December Italian tour. All of the above feature my wonderful pals James Davison, Matthew Herd, Sam Rapley, Liam Dunachie & Scott Chapman.

Also at the London Jazz Festival is a special concert I am organising and co-directing with Bridget O’Donnell called Songs for the Earth. It is a fusion of folk, jazz and classical music, inspired by our need to connect with nature and the outdoors, with a programme made up of my arrangements of nature-inspired folk music performed by myself and a string quartet of some of London’s finest players around. The concert is happening at Omnibus Theatre in Clapham and will be on Sunday 20th November at 7:30 pm.


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