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New recordings aired on BBC Radio 3

Earlier this week BBC Radio 3 aired more recordings that I made last year and earlier this year as part of my involvement with the New Generation Artists’ scheme. The radio shows will still be available to listen back to for the next 3-4 weeks and you can find them using the following links:

Sat 14th July: New Generation Artists’ programme (1 track of mine at around 40′) Tue 17th July: Special programme dedicated to me (6 tracks of mine)

The seven tracks that have been aired over the past week feature two groups that I have put together especially for the scheme – one is a duo with my good friend and long-time musical partner-in-crime James Davison on trumpet, and the other is a quintet called Hermeto Hermeto Hermeto (with Sam Rapley on tenor sax, Rob Luft on guitar, Sam Watts on piano and Corrie Dick on drums) which, as you can guess, was formed purely for playing the music of the great Hermeto Pascoal. Most of my recordings for Radio 3 will also end up on my SoundCloud page so if you want to hear any others, or the original shows aren’t available to stream anymore then click HERE!

I have also recently been involved in several album recording projects that will soon be completed and become available to the big, wide world. These have been with the bands of two of my favourite singers in the world – Mercury-Prize-nominated folk singer and song collector Sam Lee and multi-award-winning jazz vocalist Alice Zawadzki. Also the Patchwork Jazz Orchestra has almost finished mixing the album we recorded in December, and so watch this space as all 3 albums are already sounding fantastic and unique and their releases will each come with launch gigs and tour dates.

Finally, here are a couple of live videos from some recent gigs with another favourite singer of mine, the wonderful Nessi Gomes. The first of these videos is from a recent concert where I arranged all of her songs for a 9-piece band. Enjoy!


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