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Thank you!

A big thank you to all of you who came and saw us play at one of our shows across the UK last month. Each and every performance was a huge success with big and welcoming crowds and the music just got better and better at each gig. Special thanks to Alex Hitchcock who joined us with some mind-blowing tenor sax for all the shows, filling in for Sam Rapley while he is recovering from two broken elbows. Alex is up to lots of exciting things himself in the meantime – check out his website for more info. In the meantime we wish Sam a speedy recovery…

The band is having a break this month while we all go off on our own separate adventures. I am playing with Nessi Gomes in Israel and Palestine during the next week before returning to Europe for some gigs with Alice Zawadzki and Zirobop. My band is meeting again at the Cowbridge Music Festival on Fri 22nd September, the Little Venice Music Festival in London on Fri 20th October and at the Hampstead Arts Festival & London Jazz Festival on Thur 16th November.


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