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2020 has been a year for recordings

Well this year really didn’t go as anyone thought it would at all. The music world is one of many that has suffered a huge amount by being able to do barely any of the planned concerts and festivals, and I so hope that we will all be able to perform again like we used to before this year. In the meantime however it’s amazing how many recordings got to be made in place of the usual touring, and I’ve been lucky to have made a lot of progress in a new branch of music-making for me which has been engineering and producing. One of the highlights from this year was recording with my dear friend for many years now, the brilliant singer-songwriter Nessi Gomes. We recorded two covers that Nessi released this year as singles, a song in Portuguese called Novo Amanhecer (A New Dawn) and one in Hebrew called Hine Ani (As You Will). With the help of some new recording gear and many hours on Logic I am proud to have helped create these two singles which have already been so well-received.

Front cover final

And then more generally I am so happy that my third album as a bandleader Dream Circus was released on Edition Records in June this year, despite the entire album tour getting cancelled. It has had many shining reviews which you can read in the reviews section. Also the album my mum and I recorded Music We Love was recorded right at the start of the year and came out in September. And finally I am still so proud of the 5-track EP The Light That Shines which Patchwork Jazz Orchestra recorded in total isolation during the first national lockdown in the spring. So despite almost all of our gigs being cancelled we have all managed to still create and release music, and I am so grateful for that.


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