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“Dream Circus” out soon | New isolation E.P. with Patchwork Jazz Orchestra

Thanks to all that have enjoyed the two singles from Dream Circus – “The Infamous Grouse” and “Little Vision”. The full album will be out on Friday 12th June (just over two weeks away for those of you who, like me, have no idea where we are in the year anymore). If you haven’t yet you can pre-order the album HERE, and in the meantime the two singles are out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

In other news when the whole world pressed pause about 2 months ago those of us in the Patchwork Jazz Orchestra decided to make a lockdown E.P. recording all our parts from home. We released the E.P. last week and it sounds fantastic! It includes a mixture of older compositions and arrangements and some newer pieces that have made it into our pad since our first album release but before the lockdown. The whole album was mixed by the incredible John Prestage, who did such an amazing job considering we each had our own individual mic setup. You can listen to and download the album HERE, and in the meantime here is a video of my now-ancient composition “New Ansonia” that I made last week. The same song was the title track of my own debut album five years ago and I am very happy to have finally had the song’s original big band version recorded after writing it almost seven years ago…


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