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Tom Green Septet “Skyline” Album Launch Tour

The Tom Green Septet album “Skyline” that I’m playing on will be officially released on Monday 2nd February – you can pre-order it here. Also on the album are James Davison, Matthew Herd, Sam Miles, Sam James and Scott Chapman. It sounds great! Visit Tom’s website for more info.

We have just started an 18-date album tour, with the main launch gig taking place next Thursday 29th January at St James Theatre Studio in London. See the poster for the other dates around the UK.

Also coming up in the next few weeks are the Hero Smash Trio at Charlie Wright’s Jazz Bar on Sunday 25th, Ralph Wyld’s Mosaic at The Oxford on Monday 26th (rescheduled from the cancelled gig earlier this week), the Michael De Souza Quintet at Orford House on Wednesday 28th and last but not least with the Stan Sulzmann Quartet at The Con Cellar on Friday 6th February.

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